lørdag 17. juli 2010

Elastic water: the next plastic?

Japanese researchers have managed to create an elastic, rubber-like material made of ninety-five percent water. The rest is clay and organic matter. Think about it! It´s amazing; with these harmless ingredients, the transparent substance gets extremely elastic and useful qualities.

The hope is that the elastic water can replace the plastic. Hard, soft, bendy, stiff... anything will work! An organic, biodegradable alternative to plastic will obviously mean a lot for the environment. Not just in the process of production, but in the entire cycle of usage. Not to mention the easiness of it´s decomposition.

It´s also going to be possible to use the new material in medical treatment, such as a "patch" that is not repelled by the body's own tissues. This is indeed a promising material, I´m looking forward to getting it to the stores!