søndag 24. oktober 2010

Questions for the Conference

I´ve been discussing the conference in New Dehli with a good friend. He came up with some questions, so I would like to look for some answers during the days we have in Dehli:

1) Is the trend shifting more towards clean
energy generation (sustainable power plants) or efficient energy usage (efficient vehicles, low energy houses etc.)?
2) Are we predominantly thinking in terms of medium range (cleaner and more efficient use of fossil fuels) or long range (totally sustainable sources like sun, wind and water)?

3) Are most of the plans focussed on political reform (new legislation for promoting marketing, distribution and implementation of existing technology) or on technological reform (more aggressive R&D)?

4) How is the techno-economic feasibility of the front-running candidate technologies promising to keep satisfying the world’s insatiable thirst for energy?

I will do my best to get more knowledge during the conference, so hopefully I´ll be able to answer these questions. They´re simple, but currently the simple solutions are hard to find. Let´s hope we can bring them to the surface soon!