tirsdag 15. mars 2011

Heroic efforts in Japan

I am deeply impressed by the way people in Japan have tackled the immense damages following the earthquake. Everyone are playing their part to make the best out of the situation, whether by action or patient contribution in any way possible. Just the fact that people choose to work instead of fleeing the cities tells you so much about the Japanese spirit. In the affected areas people walk for up to three hours to get to their work, due to the collapse in transport infrastructure. The society would crash completely and disaster relief would have been so much slower if people didn't keep going like now.

Some of the most extreme heroes still on post in their job are the 180 employees at the nuclear energy power plant in Fukushima. They are risking their lives to prevent the worst nuclear catastrophy in recent time. An ecological disaster will affect and ruin thousands of lives for decades. Balancing on the edge of a knife, the pressure on these men is extraordinarily intense. Not only regarding the fate of Japan, the global economy and natural inhabitant; but the constant threat of facing sudden death or lifelong injuries.

Sacrifice for the greater good has seldom been more visible and moving than scenes fra Japan right now. If you would like to make a donation for the cause, I recommend calling the Norwegian Red Cross at +47 820 44 00. After five seconds, 200 NOK will go directly to the Japanese Red Cross.