lørdag 5. november 2011

Luna Solar Energy

This is a visionary energy concept from the Japanese Luna Ring Shimizu Corporation´s researchers. The idea is to establish a giant ring of solar photovoltaic cells on the moon´s surface, to transport solar energy to the earth by microwave power transmission. I love their ability to think outside the box! Clean, concentrated energy transmitted directly from space seems like a comfortable solution to our global energy problems. 7 billion people definitely need clean energy.

There are lots of physical and ethical issues related to projects like the Luna Ring: among them the immense cost and technological challenges. Think about the initial amount of energy we would have to use for transporting all the resources and materials to the moon in the first place! And do we really trust ourselves enough to believe we would use the energy constructively where it´s needed, with no possibility of abusing the immense amounts of energy? A giant laser turned towards our own planet could lead to frightening possibilities. Who should be in charge of operating it? The richest, most populous, poorest or most prosperous country? All countries? How do we finance it, and which role would the contributors play afterwards? As in all cases where energy is involved, I believe thinking before acting would seem like a good idea.

You can read more about the Luna Ring project here.