fredag 9. desember 2011

I´m currently revising for my next final exam: energy and environment. There are several fascinating, worrying and interesting subjects brought back to my attention! Among them the effect food production has on the environment.

For my international readers, the bar graph is in Norwegian, but I´ll explain:

The image to the left is taken from one of our energy and environment-lectures. The bar graph gives an overview of the amount of CO2 emissions produced by various types of food. The scale is measured in grams CO2 equivalents per kg of the product. Not surprisingly, vegetables give very little emissions, while meat from cattle is by far worst. Cheese is the third worst, and vegetables grown in greenhouses give very high emissions compared to vegetables and fruit growing outside.

In short: a low-carb diet is disastrous for the environment. A varied, balanced diet with lots of vegetables is the key to sustainability!