fredag 31. desember 2010

New conference coming up?

Three co-authors and I have submitted a paper together for Education Without Borders, which is a conference in Dubai in March 2011. Zakir, Krispin and Leon are students at University of Calgary in Canada, and I´m representing NTNU.

Our paper is called "Rapid Disaster Relief Through Artificial Intelligence and Innovative Energy Supply Networks". So our paper is about solving challenges related to disaster relief. It´s a great concept!

In the process, I´ve written a text about climate change and increased risks of natural disasters. I´ll share some of my findings with you here, reciting what I wrote in some of my first drafts. It´s a good thing to think it through!

Natural disasters have challenged humanity throughout history. Industrialization has given us astonishing opportunities, but also responsibility and unforeseen challenges. Following the increased mobility and technological access, we risk a reinforced effect from natural disasters, escalating the frequency of occurrences, vulnerability of electronic equipment and widening the extent of the devastation (UN Environment Programme IPCC, 2009). In addition, we face disasters originated directly from man-made technology, such as trains or airlines crashing in remote areas, armed conflicts and war.

The photo is from the conference Leon and I attended in New Delhi, giving a presentation of our paper on geothermal energy.