lørdag 26. februar 2011

Future power survey and competition!

I would like to ask a favor of all readers interested in energy end environment. Would you like to contribute to changing the future? Here´s a chance I strongly advise you to grasp. Whether your background is technical or not, reading this document and answering the survey can help you making decisions regarding future studies or careers. You can even win an iPad in the process!

In Stavanger, I met Leon Prebeau-Menezes and Dan Zilnik at Statoil headquarters. Representing the World Petroleum Council Youth Committee, they are both distinguished personalities within their fields. I am deeply impressed by their knowledge, insight and ability to catalyze change in a what may be perceived as a conservative industry. They are the leading minds behind an excellent pre- read summary of possible future scenarios, followed by a survey sent out to provident and ambitious people worldwide. The results are to be presented at the World Heavy Oil Congress held in Canada in March.

The World Petroleum Council Youth Committee are making a huge effort to get a youth perspective into the congress. They will present the results of a survey they are running at the congress. With meaningful results, this could contribute in the process of influencing the future of the energy industry!

The target group of the survey is people studying or working in the petroleum sector. If you don´t, like me, I challenge you to fill in the survey based on the possibility of a future job within the industry. On my behalf, that would be possible if it means I would be able to contribute, working with projects that will influence the future to the better.

It takes about 20-30 minutes to read the pre-read and fill in the survey. Please take your time, enjoy the reading and let your thoughts come through in the survey. For anyone concerned or curious about the future, this is really great stuff to read. I found it amazingly interesting!

You can read and fill in the survey here (try copy-pasting the complete URL if you can´t access it directly: "http://www.worldheavyoilcongress.com/wp-content/uploads/CAWPC-IEA-Scenarios-Pre-Read_.pdf").

We hold the future in our hands. Use your chance to make it a good one! Good luck, and fingers crossed the iPad goes to you.