torsdag 14. april 2011

If anyone would like to visit Norway this summer, I can give you some "get started" advice. First of all: I recommend you to come! Whether you are Norwegian or a foreigner, Norway is a great place for summer holidays. Our country is known for spectacular nature, and the possibilities for eco- traveling are getting better every year.

Traveling in Norway is expensive, but not too bad if you plan ahead. Therefore, I´ll make this post now so you can plan towards the summer!

I recommend you to visit Visitnorway´s website here to start navigating. I think the best part is a recently launched navigation tool called "Green Travel". Here you can find all needed information for traveling, accommodation and relevant environmentally certified companies. Visit the Green Travel gate here!

There are many places to go, but among the most memorable experiences I´ve had is the Pulpit Rock. If you get the chance, I recommend you to go! It is located not too far from Stavanger in the Western part of Norway. To the left you can see me from last summer, peaking over the edge at the fjord, which lies six hundred meters further down... Whoa.