tirsdag 19. april 2011

Solar energy power plants

Solar energy is one of the most promising renewable resources available. The potential is enormous, exceeding any other energy resource by far, including fossil fuels. The challenge is finding a way to utilize the energy to a greater extent; today, the efficiency is only 20- 25 % of the potential. I think nano technology will contribute for new and better ways to utilize the energy from photons. Both through dust- repelling films to cover the mirrors or solar panels, and more advanced technology changes within the materials.

For quick development, it´s evident that investments in solar energy is necessary: both within research, technology test sites, production and power plants. Several countries are doing a great job to make progress. Among them are Spain and Germany, having done a great job when it comes to governmental strategies for increasing solar energy utilization. For instance the project on the image; the world´s second largest photovoltaic solar power plant. It is situated
in a former military base in Germany and was completed in 2009.

With a price tag exceeding 180 million dollars, the need of governmental subsidies are self-explanatory. However, the enormous advantages more than pay back the investments: clean energy meets the electricity needs of 10,000 households annually. The ecological footprint is low, and doesn´t increase over the decades of energy production.

Read more about the power plant here.