søndag 8. mai 2011

The Sahara Forest Project

I read a very interesting article about the collaboration between Norway and Jordan through the Sahara Forest recently. This is an example of why I have so strong belief in international collaboration!

The Bellona Foundation, an international environmental NGO based in Norway, is involved in the project run by solar energy from the Sahara desert. The location is by the Red Sea in Aqaba, Jordan.

The target is revegetation (planting trees and greenery), water and clean electricity production. The network of natural windstoppers and roots from the plants will stop erosion and uncontrolled spreading of the desert. Simultaneously the Sahara Forest Project will produce fresh water using seawater greenhouses for destillation. The combination of concentrated solar energy and water production will provide a sustainable alternative for agriculture and biomass production.

The test- and demonstration centre is planned to be finished by 2012, and a large scale production site will be ready by 2015.

It's a very fascinating project, and a good indicator of how a green economy can be built. Industrial processes can make large-scale projects come to life in a shift towards sustainable solutions!

For more information you can click here to read Bellona's article, or visit the Sahara Forest Project's website here.