søndag 19. juni 2011

Bamboo for sustainability

Bamboo may be a major contributor to the development of sustainable materials. It´s actually a type of grass, with an extremely rapid growth. Incredibly, the length can increase with up to one meter per day! This is where the sustainability of bamboo comes in: where a common forest uses 60 years to re-vegetate, a similar area of bamboo is fully grown in only 60 days.

As a great alternative to tropical timber, bamboo can re-grow where the rainforests never grow back. Another great thing is the fact of the extreme durability: bamboo is three times stronger than oak!

To give you an idea of the volumes we´re speaking about; bamboo can grow as much as 40 meters high and 25 cm thick. The hues appear from yellow and green to dark brown and black, so the application ranges from houses, furniture, paper and tools.

Here in Norway, the company Northern Light Bamboo Centre distributes goods made of bamboo.