fredag 30. mars 2012

Palm oil causes deforestation

Did you know that palm oil is one of the worst contributors to deforestation and climate change? Palm oil is used in a wide range of factory-produced food types.

In addition to having a negative impact on human health, palm oil is produced by replacing rainforests with palm oil plantages, contributing to comprehensive deforestation.

Palm oil is often displayed as "vegetable oil", making it sound very healthy. In fact it´s the opposite, as the high contents of saturated fat gives high risks of cardiovascular diseases.

The good news is the we as consumers can steer the market. If we want healthier food for ourselves and the planet, we can start buying products without "vegetable oil" in the table of contents.

To find out which types of food contain palm oil (prepare for a shock), click here.
To support the Rainforest Foundation´s campaign for food without palm oil, sign up here.