lørdag 17. mars 2012

Mixer completed!

I´m part of the organizing committee that has worked on the non-profit event Mixer through Start NTNU. Yesterday was the big day! It was a wonderful evening with excellent speakers, food and mingling between students, academia and business representatives. Apart from a few technical problems the event proceeded fairly smooth!

Berit Svendsen held a great presentation about how to be the leader of one of the largest companies in Europe, Telenor. I was backstage at the time, so only got to hear the start though...

Ailo Gaup (left) contributed with his fantastic story of overcoming challenges and pain to follow his passion: FMX. Pain being very literal, as he has suffered several bad injuries through his sport: breaking 35 bones is just one example... As a world champion in motocross, he mesmerized the audience with his story of never giving in and keep chasing his dreams against all odds. Visit his website here.

Francois El-Safadi (right) shared his experience and wisdom, transferring his endless energy to all 500 participants. He works actively against injustice and to help the weakest in society. The wonderful passion for helping others, living in the present, building relations and the "just do it"- mentality are important values to remember from his presentation! A quote I found on his website sums up his striking personality:

"Weather is a metaphor for life - sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, and there's nothing much you can do about it but carry an umbrella".