fredag 13. august 2010

Norway: eco example?

A good friend gave me a link to an article called "Norway has set an eco example". I must say I was a little surprised, because in my eyes, we have... well. Room for improvement, to say it nicely.

Don´t get me wrong; many of the fields in Norway are at top level internationally. With our numerous waterfalls, clean energy is easily accessible. We´re good at technology, recycling, subsidizing science (sometimes, at least) and electrical vehicles and financing rainforest protection. But to be Europe´s leading example?

How about Germany and Spain´s focus on solar energy, Sweden´s bio fuel, Iceland´s geothermal energy and Denmark´s wind? There are many good examples out there. The thing is to spin them together in a sustainable web of renewable energy! Let´s not forget that every country should try contributing in the best and most effective way possible, taking into account financial history, geography, population and international impact.

Norway has done many good things. But with the decades of oil production on our consciousness, I would say we could have done quite a bit more for the environment than we do now. We should always seek improvement. Particularly now, where things should go faster than ever! We need speed in order to restore the balance, so we shouldn´t hesitate for longer than necessary.

See the article about Norway as a good example here.