torsdag 5. august 2010

World Championship with green twist

I´ve been working night and day with the World Orienteering Championship (WOC) recently. There´s a lot of organizing work to be done! I´ve also arranged the two electric vehicles we use before and during WOC. It´s fantastic! See the cars to the right (you can just see the green one behind the white car).

The EUVs (Electric Urban Vehicles) are made in Norway! They´re called Buddy, and really live up to the name. I feel like we´re best friends already! You can read more about them here.

I´ll get back to you with more pictures of the things we´ve done for the environment during WOC when it starts. Fingers crossed for a great World Championship!

See the link to our environment- pages at WOC´s website here.