torsdag 25. november 2010

Conference and new project

I just realized I haven´t written too much about the conference in New Delhi. After the presentation, Leon and I ended up in third place out of eighty contributions worldwide! So much happened both during and after the presentation, and with scarce internet connection it sort of disappeared.

Anyways: we got some great feedback and tips for improving our concept, so we´ll work a bit more on it and see where it ends.

I think it´s a great idea using current infrastructure from oil and gas production for extracting geothermal energy. It´s all about getting the right calculations, include every variable and maybe get a prototype in order.

Leon and I are now working on another project for Education Without Borders. We´re joined by two wonderful colleagues of Leon: Zak from Russia and Krispin from Canada. It´ll be great! Totally different concept this time, with combining mobile electric vehicles and artificial intelligence to organize rapid disaster relief. We´re working by the same method as before: e-mail and Facebook.

It´s been great working with them so far, and I look forward to the rest! I´m excited to see what we can achieve, and hope it will prove useful.