tirsdag 23. november 2010

Green Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and many still need to find suitable presents. If you want a meaningful present with a green twist, I suggest buying a gift from the Rainforest Foundation!
See the Rainforest Foundation´s selection of
environment friendly presents here.

You can help protecting the rainforest by purchasing diplomas, calendars, books or photos. Or become a permanent Rainforest Guard, giving a set sum per month. It´s brilliant! You bring it closer somehow, getting a more personal relationship with the forests. It feels good to contribute, especially when you know the organization is reliable and deliver tangible results. Which is the case with the Rainforest Foundation. The Rainforest Foundation does a marvellous job to coordinate, protect and maintain the unique climate and biological diversity found in the vulnerable rainforests. Just see the cute beauty to the right, immortalized in the middle of breakfast by star photographer Thomas Marent´s lens.

Other tips for a greener Christmas
is to give away services. Give a gift card for shoveling snow, cooking, cleaning, painting, babysitting... the list is as long as imagination goes.

Finally, you can arrange a social event. For example an ice hockey tournament on a lake in the woods, a snow rugby match in the moonlight with freshly baked buns and hot chocolate afterwards. Use your
imagination and the surroundings in the area nearby!

If you have the opportunity
to go outside to enjoy nature, you can witness fantastic treasures. All free of charge! No artificial sources for the lighting, just pure solar energy, directly or indirectly. A star for the Christmas tree, sparkling diamonds in the snow or hazy spotlights illuminating the emerald
branches. Enjoy nature´s wonders!