lørdag 13. november 2010

Tesla: Electric Vehicle for change

Electric Vehicles (EV) are no longer what they used to be. Streamlined design, comfort, excellent driving range and high performance are not necessarily words giving associations to Electric Vehicles. Thanks to companies like Tesla Motors, this has changed!

The aerodynamic beauty of the sports car Tesla Roadster has pushed the limits beyond what was believed to be possible. Tesla Motors from Silicon Valley in California has challenged the entire transport sector by providing a competitive alternative to

the classical cars fuelled by petrol.

With a top speed of 209 km/h, the battery weighing half a tonne reaches it´s full potential. It makes Tesla a tough competitor on the race track! The range also beats most of the electric vehicles on the market today: during normal driving you can go as far as 340 kilometres.

The powerful engine secures excellent performance and acceleration. The lithium-ion battery is one of the most efficient o

n the market today. Only 3.9 seconds is needed to reach 100 km/h! I have experienced the amazing acceleration myself: the contact with the vehicle is fantastic! It felt like the intersection between a rollercoaster and a takeoff in a jet plane.

The feeling is hard to describe, so I would recommend actually experiencing it. In Trondheim, Lars Henrik Morset runs www.teslademo.com, were you can make appointments for test driving or hiring a Tesla for events. Morset combines the silent EV with his company Morset Akustikk, working with measuring and reducing noise in homes and at work. Too much noise is disturbing, so a good place to start is removing the source completely! The silence while driving an EV gives a wonderful feeling. It reminds you of the fact that you release zero emissions while driving.

The governmental incentives on EVs in Norway makes it possible for more and more people to afford an EV. Going electric gives several advantages: a very low annual fee, legal driving in bus lanes, free pass through car toll stations and free parking are some of them. Inexpensive or free fuel is another. The rest is pure mathematics, so depending on use you can actually finance the investment of an EV within a few years.

As the costs related to usage of Electric Vehicels are so low, the main expense is the actual price of buying the Tesla. Thanks to the governmental incentives, the price is nowhere near as deterrent or unacceptable as one might expect. Starting at 679.000 NOK, Carpoint can deliver a Tesla directly to Trondheim at short notice.

A little fun fact before finishing: the aluminum frame in Tesla is developed at the Centre for Research-based Innovation at NTNU in Trondheim. This is a huge compliment to NTNU, as top level competence at all levels is characteristic for Tesla to secure the best possibile product.

For more information about Tesla, you can check out Tesla Motor´s website.

Driving a electric equals driving into the future. If the opportunity occurs, you can help pushing the limits on the way towards a greener society based on sustainable energy.

Thanks to winmls.com.